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Chastity – a journey into the unknown.

By faceman1969p. 


Let me be frank with you from the outset. I like to masturbate. I mean, I really like to masturbate. So when I found a beautiful Mistress online who could tease and produce an orgasm from a stone if she so wished, and who produced the most wonderful tease and JOI/JOE clips … well to say I was pleased would be a gross understatement. As I got to know this Lady however, I began to explore more and more my submissive leanings. To begin with this largely involved a growing interest and love of CP and CBT. It was the fact that I was submitting myself to this for my Mistress’ pleasure was no small part in my so enjoying it. Later on I began to realise that the ultimate control over myself as a submissive, would come from chastity, to have your Mistress control that thing that you have always prized above all others. Your ability to bring yourself to orgasm.

My psychology of chastity.

I know nothing of psychology in the professional sense but I know how I think of it, so here it goes. I have realised I need a degree of structure and calm in my life after some recent events that made my personal life somewhat chaotic. Through chastity and the guidance of a skilled and caring Mistress I have realised that I can regain that calm and balance in my life. A Mistress is not a social worker, but to a person who realises what they need they can be a great comfort and help. And, it’s fun too!

Basically I gain calm and balance from being able to concentrate on serving my Mistress rather than myself. To be able to concentrate on Her instructions rather than my cock. To actually realise it is in fact no longer ‘my’ cock, but Her cock. Essentially I am giving over the control of orgasms so that I can concentrate on other aspects of my sexuality that would otherwise get side lined in favour of instant gratification.

Benefits of Chastity

Although I am in the very early stages of my journey into chastity, I have already found several benefits to not concentrating on my orgasms all the time. Chastity enhances and intensifies most other sexual practices you may be involved in whilst under ‘lock and key’ – anal training, CBT, CP. All have been made more pleasurable and exciting by taking away the physical ability to masturbate. It concentrates the mind onto other areas of the body and mind to the benefit of both. As I type this I am both caged and plugged at my Mistress’ command, and it feels fantastic. My mind is forced to concentrate on my plugged ass rather than my unobtainable cock. It opens up a whole new world of sensations and mental states. Of course, another benefit of chastity is the possibility that one day, if you have pleased your Mistress enough, she may allow you an orgasm. Strictly under her terms of course but with the knowledge you must have pleased to have earned this privilege. A rare orgasm is usually appreciated much more than the orgasm you can have at will.

Practicalities and going forward.

At the moment I am not a 24/7 chastity sub. The practicalities of my particular job preclude me, in most instances, from being able to wear my cage whilst at work. However, I am a weekend and evening ‘cagee’ and I have been able to draw some conclusions from my time in the cage. Firstly, when I eagerly opened my newly delivered chastity cage and tried to put it on for the first time. Taking your time is a good idea. Rushing leads to pinched skin, ouch!  A little lube also helps, those cages are on the snug side. At first the cage feels strange and restrictive – uncomfortable until you have adjusted it to suit you. Then comes the feeling of security and safety. Of being in the possession of a higher power (your Mistress), of being able to concentrate with much greater ability on things other than your cock. Eventually, after prolonged wear, you begin to accept the cage with barely a thought. It becomes comfortable, familiar. A part of who you now are as a person. A visible token of your submission and devotion to your Mistress.

Going forward I would like to get to the point of being as close to a 24/7 cagee as work will permit. Nightwear can take some getting used to, but eventually I discovered the correct position for comfortable sleep. In conclusion I think that chastity was the right choice for myself and has brought a certain calm and structure to my life that has been nothing but fun and beneficial.

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