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My Favourite Fetishes

My Favourite Fetishes

Time, and time again I get asked what are My favourite fetishes, or what I enjoy doing in sessions. I also get the answer ‘whatever you enjoy Mistress’ to My question ‘what interests you’. Trust Me, that’s one answer you don’t want to give Me. If you insist on this being your only answer I will quite happily drain your wallet, tell you to beat your balls black and blue, fuck yourself in the arse with a carrot, and eat it afterwards.

Understood? Good. 

It won’t come as a surprise to any of you that the fetish I love is financial domination. Money is a turn on for Me. The idea that you’re out there working hard, just to spend it all on Me is exhilarating, and utterly emasculating for you.

My second favourite fetish is corporal punishment – if you do it right the marks stay for days, and you know exactly who you belong to. A bruise makes you feel totally, and completely owned. The third, and final fetish that I love, the fetish underpinning both of My favourites fetishes is humiliation. I love humiliation. It’s such a versatile fetish, and I love a good laugh.

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