Nervous? Novice?

Never visited a professional UK FemDom Mistress before? Out of the loop? Had a bad experience?

I promise, it’s not as scary as it all seems … 

I am professional in My emails, but I do not expect you to fawn all over Me and call Me Mistress at every turn. What I do expect is politeness, honesty, and courtesy on your part.

Booking a session with Me is simple, all you have to do is check My availability, fill in this form and make sure you fill each section out in full, and wait for a response. That’s it. If I think we’re a match I’ll respond, ask any questions I think are relevant, invite you to do the same, and tell you where to tribute for your deposit. This will only take 3-5 emails, if it takes more, a fee for My time might be added. If you have a question for Me that can easily be answered elsewhere – “what’s x, y, or z” for example, make sure you do your research first.

On the day of the session I’ll greet you, not as a stern Dominatrix (though some delight in that side of Me greeting them at the door), but as a friendly face. Then, once we’ve covered the basics, and you’re calm, we’ll begin.

Frequent Mistakes:

  • The “no limits” slave. A person has limits, take some time to research and find out yours. Anyone that approaches Me and mentions this will be automatically blacklisted.
  • Anything you want Mistress.” A dangerous game. I’m first and foremost a Sadist, and take great pleasure using a cane, or a paddle. Very few submissives reach this level of submission, a first meeting with Me will not be an exception to that rule.
  • I don’t know.” This shows Me you’ve not researched anything. Most people have an inkling of what they might like. Go away, research, and come back with at least three things you’d like to try.
  • I’m NOT a mind reader. Don’t expect Me to craft a session we’ll both enjoy, if you can’t take the time to give Me a solid foundation of information to work on.

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