Serve Me Online

Click. Pay. Obey.

Domination doesn’t just happen in a dungeon. With online domination your home, and office are all play spaces where I can toy with you.

My command and versatility of language and tone is an ability I pride Myself on. Just because I’m not there in person does not mean you’ll get off easily, quite the contrary in fact. Online session provide Me with even more of an opportunity to watch, command, and tease you whilst watching out for any mistakes I may need to correct you for.


  • The cost: $10 a minute, 5 minute minimum for general sessions. $7 a minute, 10 minute minimum for ignore cam sessions. If you want to just have the cam on My bare feet whilst I lounge around and relax, the price is $5 a minute.
  • Sessions are held on Skype, and to session with Me you must purchase My Skype ID first.
  • Sessions must be paid for in advance, after confirming the booking with Me. My preferred way to be paid is via My site here, or via
  • Fetishes that I enjoy: Financial Domination, Striptease (to hand bra), Humiliation,  SPH, Tease and Denial, Chasity & Keyholding, Sissification, Foot Fetish, Boot Worship, CBT, CEI, JOI, Cuckold Roleplay, Blackmail Fantasy, Anal Instruction, Intox.
  • What I will not do: Nudity, Toys, Masturbation.


KIK is for those of you that want a more … personalised experience. By having access to My KIK, you’ll have Me in your pocket wherever you go, bending your ear, and telling you exactly what to do. KIK is perfect for those of you looking to explore D/s further, show Me you’re serious about financial domination, or receive instant-messaging sessions … with pictures. Now, doesn’t that sound appealing?

My KIK name can be purchased for $50 via



Want something a little more tailored? Interested in more intensive training in D/s? Feeling the urge to give up all control to Me?

I highly suggest you undertake training.

Training packages begin at $25 per task, and go up to $120 a week. It all depends on your interests, aims, and desires.

Fill in the form below, and give as much information as you can.

Before you send Me the form you MUST send a suitable tribute (nothing less than $50 will do) to show Me you’re serious. You may tribute via, or by sending a £35 gift card to MissRousson @

Check all that apply.
If you ticked 'other', let Me know in one of the boxes below.
Explain the fetishes and activities you dislike, or are uncomfortable with. Be honest, but keep in mind that I may deem it necessary to use them to punish you.
Explain the activities and fetishes you will under no circumstances take part in.
Include health issues, illnesses, etc. If you think it will impact you in any way - no matter how minor, let Me know.
No more than 250 words.