Filming Submissives, Update

Filming Submissives

Calling all you eager film subs!

I’ve had a few emails recently about the chance to film with Me, and I’m pleased to say that from late May it will be a possibility. There will hopefully be a form up later this month, but for now if you think we’d be a suitable match, after reading the criteria, answer the questions below in an email to Me.

Latex Top, Chain of Steel.


  • You must have experience with multiple fetishes, the more versatile you are the better.
  • You must pay a deposit of £50, and up to an additional £150 for the day of filming. This depends on whether or not we’ve sessioned before.
  • You must be you willing to bring a copy of your ID on the day, and sign a model release form.
  • Must have sessioned with Me at least once before.


  • What fetishes are you experienced with?
  • What’s your favourite fetish?
  • What level of experience do you have?
  • What is your pain tolerance?
  • Can marks be left?
  • Do you need to wear a mask?
  • Do you have any health conditions/allergies that I need to know about?
  • Where are you based, and what’s your availability like?

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