Go Hard, or Go Home

Go Hard, or Go Home

Short and sweet this month – if you’re not going to step up, and spend, don’t bother interacting with Me. I’m very busy, and I have big goals for the rest of the year. I expect them to be met. If you’re a loser wanting to prove yourself, now is the time to step up. I make time for those who spend, and worship regularly, but I have no time for freeloaders who just ‘like’ tweets, and obsess over blog posts without spending a dime.

To give you all the very best quality (aren’t I lovely?), I’ve just done My yearly reinvestment in My business. The costs include camera equipment, a new laptop, iPad plus pencil, and miscellaneous business supplies. Prove to Me you’re a good boy, and reimburse Me for one or all of the costs below.

Costs to Cover

  • New Laptop: £2900/$3850
  • Camera Equipment: £625/$830
  • iPad: £540/$717
  • PO Box: £172/$230
  • Apple Pencil: £99/$132
  • Misc Supplies: £150/$199

If you tribute for any of these items, make sure you add the percentage the site takes on top of your tribute: iWantClips – 20%, KinkBomb 10%, Clips4Sale (green button top right corner) 20%.

I feel like I’m only just getting just started, so buckle up, and get ready.

Finally, my birthday is November 15th, don’t you forget it.

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