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November is My Birthday Month

If you’ve been following Me on Twitter lately, you should already know when My birthday is. For those of you that don’t, or are new, mark November 15th in your diary. November is My month. Whilst I will rule 2019 with an iron fist, there are still two months left, and I intend to kick ass … maybe even literally.

Now, what would a birthday be without gifts, and being spoiled by the good boys, and the wallets that serve Me.

The items I want the most:

Nintendo Switch Games – Various Prices
Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) £329
AKAI Professional MPK Mini MKII £72.00
LinyXin Cashmere Women’s Cashmere Winter Jumper £39.97
Anything relation to crafting.
Apple gift cards to purchase an iPad.
All items have been added to My wish list –
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My Favourite Fetishes

My Favourite Fetishes Time, and time again I get asked what are My favourite fetishes, or what I enjoy doing in sessions. I also get the answer ‘whatever you enjoy Mistress’ to My question ‘what interests you’. Trust Me, that’s one answer you don’t want to give Me. If you insist on this being your… Read More My Favourite Fetishes


Go Hard, or Go Home

Go Hard, or Go Home Short and sweet this month – if you’re not going to step up, and spend, don’t bother interacting with Me. I’m very busy, and I have big goals for the rest of the year. I expect them to be met. If you’re a loser wanting to prove yourself, now is… Read More Go Hard, or Go Home

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No Real Time Sessions

No More Real Time Sessions If you didn’t get the memo, or the message on this page, and by the look of My inbox some of you definitely did not, I am no longer doing real time sessions for the foreseeable future. There is the possibility that slaves, losers, and subs that have been serving… Read More No Real Time Sessions


Free Videos of Mistress Rousson

Free Videos of Mistress Rousson Let Me take one guess as to how you found this page, you Googled ‘Free Videos of Mistress Rousson’. If you really want some ‘free videos of Mistress Rousson’, I highly suggest you follow this link. Twitter | Tumblr OnlyFans | iWantFanClub Tribute