Gain access to My locked Twitter account.

Gain access to My locked Twitter account.

Some of you might have noticed that a new locked Twitter account of Mine has popped up recently – @MissRoussonPVT. With the recent updates to Snapchat, and let’s say unease around certain fan sites, I’ve decided to be the one in complete control of who I allow to see My private content. My normal Twitter account – @MistressRousson, will run as normal, but with limited interaction, My usual run of promotional pictures, clip previews, and maybe the odd random tab. I encourage you boys to retweet My pictures, grown My reach, and scribble down comments I won’t read on there.

My locked Twitter account will contain new behind the scenes pictures, private snapshots of My professional and private BDSM life, life updates, random personal snaps, and personal tabs for good boys to cover. Whilst I can’t guarantee a response if you talk to Me via this Twitter account, you are more likely to get one. To follow you simply need to either buy My ID, or send a £50 gift card to MissRousson @ Once you’ve sent the gift card, or brought My ID, request to follow Me, and once you’re known to Me I will accept your follow request.

Whilst this is a one time fee, I do expect those that follow Me to continue to spend. If you do not I will remove you, as I have no time for those that lurk, but do not worship. I will also remove you if you do not respect My time, or share the content you’re privileged to see. Think of access to My locked Twitter account as a gateway to worship, a way to prove to Me you’re serious, and a way to deepen that addiction to Me I know a lot of you harbour.

For those that want even more contact with Me, you can purchase My KIK ID for a more personalised domination experience


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