Custom Content

Tailor your content to your fantasies and desires …

I pride Myself on My ability to create, and produce custom content that lives up to your fantasies and desires.



  • I film with a Canon GX7 which shoots up to 1080p.
  • If your clip requires clothing/items that I do not own, there will be an added fee.
  • ‘Messy’ clips (food, destruction etc.) will also incur an added fee.
  • If you would like your clip to be exclusive – seen by your eyes only – there will be an added fee.
  • There will also be a small added fee if you would like your name to be included in the custom.
  • Fetish not listed on My order form? Contact Me, and I might be happy to film it for you.


  • My base rate for customs is $15/minute. This price can go up depending on complexity, and length of the script.
  • iWantClips is My preferred site for you to order from.
  • You may contact Me to discuss your custom requirements before ordering, however I will answer no more than three, maybe four question before I expect you to order.
  • No other methods of payment will be accepted, unless discussed first.

Anything else?

  • I do not offer clips where I am in any way submissive, or not in control of the situation. Don’t insult Me by asking.
  • I do not offer masturbation/penetration/striptease to nude clips.
  • My turn around for custom clips is usually 1-2 weeks. If it’s any longer, I shall let you know.

Other Custom Content:


Want to hear My voice whispering wicked words in your ear at every moment of the day?

Email Me a basic outline for the fantasy, with any key details. Then I’ll let My imagination run wild.

To Order: Email Me the details before payment.

Cost: $10 a minute.


An erotic fantasy, written by Me, tailored to your likes and desires.

As above, email Me a basic outline for the fantasy, with any key details. Then I’ll let My imagination run wild.

I retain all rights to republish, or resell the erotica.

To Order: Email Me the details before payment.

Cost: One A4, page. $100.


If you have an idea for a clip, but cannot afford custom content, then you may send a suggestion.

Your suggestion must only encompass the themes, and fetishes you usually see in My stores, and will contain no degree of personalisation. 1 – 2 lines of description max. If you would like something more specific then I suggest you save up for a custom.

When emailing Me, keep in mind that your suggestion is just that. I may or may not film the idea you send to Me, or I may film it 3 months after you’ve sent it to Me in a completely different way as to how you imaged it. I also will not be able to reply to all that send in clip suggestions.

Suggestions can be sent to: